Monday, July 26, 2010

Ball Machines - Functional yes BUT are they used much?

I recently purchased a Ball Machine for all the right reasons:-
1) Will allow our pupils to practice their stroke production.
2) Can be programmed to set random feeds and/or specific placements.
3) Topspin and Slice ball feeds were included in this model.
4) Remote control included.
5) Portable with AC or Battery options.
6) 300 balls - WOW!

a) I still have to be present - even when older juniors wish to use the machine (safety issue). When adults use it I am ALWAYS called to answer questions even though all is explained and written instructions are handed out prior to using/hiring the machine.
b) We have had too many people treat the machine - let me just say - NOT TOO GENTLY!

6 positives and 2 negatives might seem reasonable but I purchased the machine to add a benefit for our clientele and if we finished a little in front financially then that would be OK. Simply NOT the case as I have not gained time to be more productive but rather lost time trying to make things better for our customers!!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

What is wrong with Australian Tennis

For more than a few years now, newspapers, television and other media have well documented the fact that we have problems producing world class players in Australia. We have lost our way! Please share your thoughts - be they negative or positive. And do leave your name or email address - anonymous comments are not worth much.   4corners were concerned enough to investigate - CLICK here  

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